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Adult head
Ocelli: present or absent
Labial palp: ascending recurved
Number of labial palp segments: 3
Maxillary palpus: rudimentary or short, appressed, filiform
Number of maxillary palp segments: 4
Head vertex scaling: usually smooth, with appressed scales
Pecten on antennae: present or absent
Chaetosemata: absent
Male antennae: filiform
Female antennae: filiform
Adult thorax
Epiphysis: present
Forelegs: normal
Number of tibial spurs foreleg: 0
Number of tibial spurs midleg: 2
Number of tibial spurs hindleg: 4
Leg description:
Legs usually smooth scaled except for hind tibia which clothed with long hairs above; foretibial epiphysis present; tibial spur pattern invariably 0 2 4
Forewing pterostigma: present or absent