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Glyphidoceridea Overview

          This family was described by Hodges (1998) and is defined by two characters (which are also present in some other Gelechioidea): the forewing has CuA1and CuA2 stalked and downcurved from the posterodistal angle of the medial cell, and R5 terminates on the outer margin. Males of many species have an antennal notch enclosing sex scales (Adamski & Brown, 2001). In addition, the larva has A10 with stout D2 setae that are directed posteroventrally from the anal plate.
          The family includes at least 49 species in one genus (Glyphidocera), although species of Pseudodoxia and Psaltica may also belong to the family (Hodges, 1998). The host is known for only one species, G. juniperella on Juniperus (Adamski & Brown, 1987).

          References: Adamski & Brown (1987, 2001), Clarke (1969b), Stehr (1987).