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Peleopodidae Overview

          Hodges (1998) defined this taxon as a subfamily of Oecophoridae that was defined by the gnathos having a mesial, spinose bulb (sometimes paired) and the abdominal terga with scales only or with spiniform setae in a band. The male genitalia are often asymmetrical, the second sternum has apodemes only, although the female has venulae and apodemes. The forewing has CuP present. The moths differ from Oecophoridae in having veins Rs and M1 stalked in the hindwing. Minet (1986) gave this group family status.
          Larvae feed on Arecaceae, Malpighiaceae, Platanaceae, Polygonaceae, and Verbanaceae (Hodges, 1998).
          This family includes about six genera and 25 species in the Nearctic, Neotropical, and Oriental Regions (Hodges, 1998).

          References: Bouquin (1957), Duckworth (1970), Hodges (1974), Kuznetsov & Stekolnikov (1984), Minet (1986, 1990).