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Anthropological Entomology - Introduction

by Jennifer Seltzer, uploaded 23 February 2011

This web site has been created to provide online access to the materials in our collection that are actually artifacts. These items are unique due to their connection to entomology.  Items in the collection are either made from or by insects, are focused on the subject of insect – human interactions, or are made as representative objects of insects.   Items made from insect products include many textiles, rattles, and silk skeins.  These artifacts are made from the cocoons of wild silk moths.  The Mississippi Entomological Museum (MEM) has an extensive collection of cinematic memorabilia, which focuses on insect-human conflicts in the genre of horror and science fiction films.  This collection includes many rare movie posters, lobby cards, and other movie memorabilia.  Also included in the collection are items that have been made to represent insects.  This area of items includes carved scarabs and other items used in adornment.  The majority of these collections have been donated to Mississippi Entomological Museum.