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Mississippi Entomological Museum Screening Center

What is the Mississippi Entomological Museum Screening Center?

We are a no-cost screening center organized by the Mississippi Entomological Museum at Mississippi State University and funded by USDA APHIS through the USDA Farm Bill. The screening center was established to provide taxonomic services to eastern states coordinating with the Raleigh Hub. These services are designed to speed up the identification of possible exotic species.

Services provided by the MEM Screening Center

The screening center receives samples from state run CAPS programs and Federal Trapping Programs. We sort and screen all samples sent to us, with samples going through several stages of sorting and screening to ensure accurate identification. The entire process aims for a two week turnaround time. Annual, semi annual, and monthly reports are provided as requested. Screening services include the following survey groups: lepidpoteran, bark beetles, emerald ash borer, kaphra beetle, and fire ants.

The MEM Screening Center provides No-cost services

We receive funding through the USDA - APHIS Farm Bill, so the cost of sorting and screening any and all samples is already paid.