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AntWeb- A cool ant site with awesome photographs of ants. There are photos of all of the ants found in Alabama, Arizona, Baja California, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and the Malagasy region, as well as photos of all the genera of ants found in the world. The photos taken for this site were done with an automontage imaging system. This is a truly remarkable site:

AntWiki - A Wikipedia styled site about ants.

AntCat - Barry Bolton's Catalogue of the Ants of the World hosted on

Antmaps - provides distribution maps for ant species of the world

Alex Wild Photography: Ants. Alex takes the most amazing photos of ants (and other insects as well). Check this site out! a great site for info on ants with up to date taxonomic information and much more. There are many taxonomic papers on ants that can be downloaded from this site as pdf files.

Formicidae website...and other life forms - a web site developed by Benoit Guenard that includes generic distributions of ants, photos, various checklists, and other ant related information.

Wikipedia: Ant - general information about ants.

Encyclopedia of Life: Ants - comprehensive site that brings lots of information about organisms together; in this case, ants.

BugGuide: Formicidae - Ants - lots of photos of ants and some info.

Discover Life- a very nice site dedicated to providing identification tools free so anybody with a computer can have a chance to learn more about the interesting organisms that inhabit this planet with us. This site has compilations of information from across the web on identification and has plenty of good photographs for various groups of organisms including ants. The Formicidae site here has some basic keys and a list of North Amercan species, many of them with photos.

USDA Imported Fire Ants web site -this site gives a brief overview of the imported fire ants and gives links to various research projects and to research leaders.

Insect Photography by Alex Wild. This site has the best photos of ants in the wild that I have seen! Check it out!

Global Invasive Species Database - a great site about invasive species, including ants