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Identification Keys

At this time, some keys do not include all southeastern species, but only include those species found in or likely to be found in Mississippi and Alabama.

Keys to subfamilies, genera, and species in or possible in Mississippi and Alabama

Use the subfamily keys if you do not know the subfamily. Eventually, these keys will lead to genera and finally to species. If you already know the subfamily, you can go directly to the subfamily listed below, which will take you to the generic level and eventually to species. If the genus is already known, you can go directly to the genera listed below, which will take you to species. If you are not familiar with dichotomous keys of the type which are provided here, please go to: How to Use the Keys.

Keys to Genera (by subfamily)
Use these keys if the subfamily is already known. The family keys lead to generic keys and will eventually lead to species.

PSEUDOMYRMECINAE (only genus in area, Pseudomyrmex)

Keys to Species (by genera)
If the genera is already known use these keys. In some cases there is only one species in this region and the species name is given and if an information page is up, the species name will link to that page.


All keys should be considered to be in progress.