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Nitidulidae and Cybocephalidae species in the Mississippi Entomological Museum

by Joe MacGown

5 August 2010

The following is a list of Cybocephalidae and Nitidulidae species housed in the Mississippi Entomological Museum (MEM). At this time, distributional information in Mississippi is not given, because current research is being done to survey the state for nitidulids, and those distributions will be given in a resulting publication.

Cybocephalidae [formerly in Nitidulidae (Smith and Cave 2006)]

Cybocephalus nipponicus Endrödy-Younga - scale picnic beetle


Aethina tumida Murray - small hive beetle
Amphicrossus ciliatus (Olivier)
Amphotis schwarzi Ulke
Boreades abdominalis (Erichson)
Brachypeplus glaber LeConte
Carpophilus antiquus Melsheimer
Carpophilus corticinus Erichson
Carpophilus dimidiatus (Fabricius) - cornsap beetle
Carpophilus discoideus LeConte
Carpophilus floralis Erichson
Carpophilus hemipterus (Linnaeus) - driedfruit beetle
Carpophilus humeralis (Fabricius) - pineapple beetle
Carpophilus lugubris Murray - dusk sap beetle
Carpophilus marginatus Erichson
Carpophilus melanopterus Erichson
Carpophilus mutilatus Erichson
Carpophilus nitens Fall
Carpophilus pallipennis Say
Carpophilus pilosellus Motschulsky
Carpophilus sayi Parsons
Carpophilus tempestivus Erichson
Colopterus maculatus (Erichson)
Colopterus niger (Say)
Colopterus semitectus (Say)
Colopterus truncatus (Randall)
Colopterus unicolor (Say)
Conotelus obscurus Erichson
Cryptarcha ampla Erichson
Cryptarcha concinna Melsheimer
Cryptarcha strigulata Parsons
Cychramus adustus Erichson
Cychramus zimmermani Horn
Epuraea corticina Erichson
Epuraea depressa (Illiger)
Epuraea helvola Erichson
Epuraea labilis Erichson
Epuraea lengi Parsons
Epuraea obtusicollis Reitter
Epuraea peltoides Horn
Epuraea rufa (Say)
Epuraea rufida (Melsheimer)
Epuraea truncatella Mannerheim
Epuraea umbrosa Horn
Glischrochilus fasciatus (Olivier)
Glischrochilus obtusus Say
Glischrochilus quadrisignatus (Say)
Glischrochilus sanguinolentus (Olivier)
Glischrochilus siepmanni Brown
Haptoncus luteolus (Erichson) - pineapple sap, dried fruit, or souring beetle
Lobiopa brunnescens (Blatchley)
Lobiopa falli Parsons
Lobiopa insularis (Laporte)
Lobiopa setosa Harold
Lobiopa undulata (Say)
Meligethes nigrescens Stephens
Nitidula flavomaculata Rossi
Omosita colon (Linnaeus)
Pallodes austrinus Leschen
Pallodes pallidus (Beauvois)
Phenolia grossa (Fabricius)
Pocadius helvolus Erichson
Prometopia sexmaculata Say
Psilopyga nigripennis LeConte
Stelidota coenosa Erichson
Stelidota geminata (Say)
Stelidota octomaculata (Say)
Thalycra carolina (Wickam)
Thalycra orientalis Howden

Literature Cited
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