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Collecting bags and other containers

In order to carry supplies in the field, you need something to carry them in. There are as many different types of bags or containers available as there are collectors. For day collecting I use a "fanny pack" that has a couple of zippered compartments, one of which I put pre-cut labels and a permanent ink pen, and the other in which I put various jars. I usually also carry a day pack (a smaller back pack), which I fill with many items. Sometimes I also strap on a cheap tool holder, such as can be found at any hardware store. Our curator prefers an army surplus grenade type belt, which has many pockets useful for storing killing jars, and occasionally a lightweight shoulder strap bag for additional items. Others use fishing tackle boxes or light weight plastic toolboxes, because they keep items more secure. This is important for night collecting, especially for the collection of moths, because moth scales can be easily lost from the wings if they are banged around a lot. Basically, anything that can safely hold killing jars and other supplies can be used.