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John A. Barone

Department of Biology
Columbus State University
4225 University Ave.
Columbus GA 31907-5645

TEL: 706-569-2832


1990 B.S. Biology Indiana University

1990 B.A. Psychology Indiana University

1996 Ph.D. Biology University of Utah

Research Interests:

My current research focuses on the history and ecology of prairies in the southeastern United States.  In particular I have been using historic survey maps to determine the location and extent of prairies in the early 19th century and to help locate remnant prairies.  Working with JoVonn Hill, I have been censusing plant species composition on prairies throughout the Black Belt region of Mississippi and Alabama and Jackson Prairie Belt to better understand the flora of these prairies and what factors influence the persistence of species in these remnants.  Recently, I began working with Roger Brown, a palynologist at Columbus State University to assess the age of prairies in the Black Belt.

Other research interests include plant-herbivore interactions and the structure of tropical montane plant communities.

Recent Publications

Barone, J. A. 2005.  The historical distribution of prairies in the Jackson Prairie Belt and in western Mississippi.  Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Science 50:144-148.

Barone, J. A. 2005.  The Black belt prairie of Mississippi and Alabama:  A re-assessment of historical and ecological data.  Castanea 70:170-183.

Stireman, J.O. III, L.A. Dyer, D.H. Janzen, M.S. Singer, J.T. Lill, R.J. Marquis, R. E. Ricklefs, G.L. Gentry, W. Hallwachs, P.D. Coley, J.A. Barone, H.F. Greeney, H. Connahs, P. Barbosa, H.C. Morais, and I.R. Diniz.  2005. Climatic unpredictability and parasitism of caterpillars: implications of global warming. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102:17384-17387.