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John R. MacDonald

Research Associate
Mississippi Entomological Museum
Professional Botanist (self employed)

Tel: (662) 323-5448



John MacDonald

B.S. Entomology, 1990. Mississippi State University
M.S. Botany, 1996. Mississippi State University

I began collecting butterflies and insects as a high school student living in the Canal Zone of Panama, back in 1973. Dad was in the army and we were immersed in the splendor and diversity of the tropics.  My interest in butterflies and insects has persisted.  I see my work as a professional botanist as just another aspect in the study and appreciation of nature and concern for conservation. I have collected in Tamaulipus and Baja California Sur in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Tambopata, Tarapoto, and Iquitos, Peru, Rondonia, Brazil, and various parts of the Southeastern United States. 


Lepidopterists' Society

Mississippi Native Plant Society


Bryson, C. T., J. R. MacDonald, and R. Warren.  1994.  Notes on Carex (Cyperaceae), with C. godfreyi new to Alabama and C. communis and C. scoparia new to Mississippi.  Sida 16(2): 355-361.

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Roush, R. T., R. L. Combs, T. C. Randolph, J. MacDonald, and J. A. Hawkins. 1986.   Inheritance and effective dominance of pyrethroid resistance in the horn fly (Diptera Muscidae).  J. Econ. Entomol. 79: 1178-1182.

John MacDonald