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Shaw Nature Reserve,
Missouri Botanical Garden
Gray Summit , Missouri 63039

TEL: (636) 451-3512 ext. 6002

James Trager



B.S. 1974, Northern Illinois University
M.S. 1977, University of Kansas
Ph.D. 1984, University of Florida

James Trager is a U.S. entomologist and naturalist. He currently works as a biologist/naturalist for the Shaw Nature Reserve of the Missouri Botanical Garden in Gray Summit, Missouri. He is in charge of ecological restoration, vegetation management, natural history education programs, and is liaison to academic researchers who use the Reserve as a field site.  James is also an active ant taxonomist and has published notable revisions of such groups as Solenpsis, Dorymyrmex, Nylanderia, Formica (pallidefulva group), and Polyergus.


Myrmecological Publications of James C. Trager: (through 2013)

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